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I’m a fitness-loving, athleisure-wearing, tech-obsessed dog momma in Toronto, Canada. 


I’ve spent the last five years working at multiple tech companies specializing in automation for both small and large businesses. Automation and technology help even the smallest businesses save time, energy, money, and sanity. Pairing my skills in tech with my extreme passion for fitness makes FitBooks Consulting a dream come true. 


I’ve been to sooo many fitness studios, downloaded countless online workout programs, and paid for fitness apps. I know what it looks like to have a good user experience. Since TBH, I’m your ideal client, I know what gaps to look for in your client journey, I see what smooth onboarding looks like, and I know what needs to be done behind the scenes to make the magic happen for you as a business owner!


Running a business isn’t easy… trust me, I know the struggle too! 


But I’m telling you... your business goals are achievable. You might just need a little support to get there! Don’t let burnout or overwhelm stop you from building the fitness empire of your dreams. 

Athletic Woman

"The only burnout you should be feeling is at the end of your workout"

- Ruby

Are you an online fitness coach trying to scale your biz but already starting to feel a bit burnt out? Do you feel stuck trying to figure out how to do everything on your own and looking for some support? Do you need help creating a clear biz strategy to get you to that next level?


I hear you, and I am here for you! 


So, if you want to stop sweating the small stuff and work out on the big picture, what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to business and shape up your fit biz!

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