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I help online fitness coaches get their business systems and books in shape. 

Systems automation, technology support, launch planning, and bookkeeping services. 

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FitBooks Consulting is founded on a deep passion for fitness and five years of experience in the tech automation industry. I’ve gone to hundreds of workout classes and purchased countless fitness apps and programs, and I know what fitness instructors need to do to give your client the best experience possible. I also know what you need to do to give yourself the best experience possible as a business owner! 


As a fitness instructor, you have to worry about finding the right tech for your business, integrating your systems, and keeping track of your finances, on top of so many other revenue-generating activities. It’s no wonder why you feel overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout!

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. I’m here to be your part-time cheerleader and full-time strategist. 

Through personalized one-on-one support, I’ll provide you with business strategy and bookkeeping services, customer journey mapping, launch planning, technology implementation, training, and oh so much more.

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Gain a clear strategy for how to run your online fitness business in a way that prevents burnout and allows you to focus on doing what you love - sharing fitness with your clients

Stop struggling, stop wasting time, and get back to doing what you love! You didn’t start this business to sit behind a computer watching tutorials on how to use Zapier for automation. You didn’t start this business to become a tech expert. And you certainly didn’t start this business to be a full-time bookkeeper. 


Use your time and energy for what fuels your fire (and I have a guess it’s not spreadsheets). 


More often than not, I realize online fitness coaches:

  • don’t even know about the tech available to support and scale their business 

  • don’t have the time to learn how to use the tech to support and scale their business

  • feel overwhelmed just thinking about the tech to support and scale their business


Just as I need support from fitness instructors to reach my fitness goals, you need support from a business strategist to achieve your business goals. You’d never shame a client for asking for help, so give yourself some grace, girlfriend! 


Let me help you get back to doing what you love, hit your business goals, and feel like the badass you are. 


Have the time to take the vacation you’ve wanted to book. Get the time back in your day to impact more clients. Gain the confidence and clarity you need to start building your dream business and your dream lifestyle. 


Consulting Services

Our one-on-one consulting service offers you personalized support for what your business needs right now. No process or strategy is one-size-fits-all, so having personalized support is so essential when starting. Automate your admin tasks and get back to doing what you love.


Bookkeeping Services

Use your time and energy for what fuels your fire, and leave the bookkeeping to me. I’ll help you gain clarity, confidence, and efficiency through organized bookkeeping services. When you know your finances, you know your path forward. 

Word on the street!

melrose training

Working with FitBooks has been an absolute dream. Ruby is so incredibly knowledgeable, creative, and detail-oriented, and she has an in-depth understanding of the fitness industry. She has streamlined and optimized so many dimensions of my business (which has improved the client experience), allowed me to free up time/energy to focus on my own strengths, and enabled me to scale like never before. There are so many elements of my business that I didn't even know could be automated and I am forever grateful for Ruby's expertise and dedication. You can truly feel that Ruby is wholeheartedly committed to helping you focus on what really matters and succeed in your business. I can't recommend Fitbooks enough!

Mel, MELROSE Training


Hey girlfriend,

I’m Ruby, and I’ve combined my passion for fitness with my knowledge of tech, automation, and bookkeeping to support online fitness coaches like you. I’ll help you break out from the behind-the-scenes of your business so you can get sh*t done and focus on what you love!

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